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We’re Business Vector, your international communication experts. We’re here to help ensure that you “do it right” in your international market, to help your people communicate with their counterparts around the globe in their language, and vice versa, through professional training, translation and business communication, and mediation services.


Many companies in a range of sectors (including aerospace, automotive, general engineering, food and drink, etc.) have already benefitted from our expertise, through our services and knowledge of:

Language training

Empower your personnel by developing their international communication skills. We can provide industry and job relevant language training, with full flexibility in delivery method, time and place, e.g. 1-2-1 or in groups, UK-based or target country immersion, face-to-face or remotely, inside or outside business hours, etc.

Ensure your communication is received and clearly understood by your target audience, and theirs by you. Online tools are ok, but context can be lost in automatic translation; we can translate (and proofread) almost any format of file (written, audio or video), whether it be internal or external comms, technical procedures or contracts, etc.
Inter-cultural training

Prepare your staff to work more efficiently and knowledgeably by providing them with the cultural nous to avoid mistakes that could substantially cost your company. We can train them about the pitfalls of cultural misunderstanding through inter-cultural training using target culture workshops and presentations.

Interpreting / simultaneous translations

Enable participation and the real time understanding of all stakeholders in conferences, seminars, presentations and meetings (face-to-face, telephone, videoconference, etc.) through simultaneous, whispered or consecutive translation.
International dispute resolution

If things aren’t going well, we can help avoid conflicts and loss of control in your business relationship in your French and English-speaking supply chain through the provision of considered mediation (Alternative Dispute Resolution).
International development

When you need knowledgeable assistance with contacting potential foreign customers or international partners, or a regular connection with your overseas clients, we provide a level of assistance that integrates with your existing organisation.

Other services

Can’t see what you’re looking for? If it’s related to languages, culture and communication, it’s likely we can help.
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